Letting go

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in one place and you don’t know where to turn? Are you in a crossroad? Should you choose left or right? Or even just keep walking straight. This is a normal feeling for someone who is in a tough time or the hardest. Honestly, I am feeling this right now. I don’t know which path should I take. Is it I have to make a decision now. This time I am gonna post a blog which is like a journal to me. I am not perfect and I am sorry for my bad grammar in this blog. I just think that I want to write in English and reach every possible person in this Earth. I hope you will find your way while reading my journal.


As I am typing these words I am thinking to myself that I can’t even decide for myself. So, I decided to ask the Lord for help me to choose. HE knows me better than I do. I am not a religious person but I believe almost everyone will turn to God if they feel sad or stuck. If you think you already reach dead end, nope! Not yet because as long as you’re still breathing and you’re reading this now, you are just thinking your life is over which is not true. The fact that God has given you chance to still breathe, that is already is a precious thing that ever happen to you. Let’s us ask Lord for help and guide us the way.


What I meant by leave everything behind is leaving your past behind. Learn to let it go by taking your time. It may be easier said than done but you can do anything you want to if you don’t make a limit to yourself. More importantly, learn to forgive yourself that you did mistakes in your past and accept the fact that we are human and we will never ever can change the time. Time will keep on passing and even more faster than we think. So, instead of worrying about the past, it’s better to just be present in the presence and appreciate every moment that you have. Regret will bring you nothing but more sorrow.


Have you ever heard a song ‘:Let Her Go’ by Passenger. If you never listened to it before then you should listen to it now because the song taught me a lot of things especially about appreciation. Especially, where the lyrics was ”Only know your lover when you let her go”. Yes! That is very true because sometimes we forget to appreciate someone who has been there for us. But if you’re in a toxic relationship, you have to get out from your toxic relationship. Life isn’t always rainbow then, what do we expecect from a toxic relationship. No matter how hard you try, believe me you will never be enough to them. That’s why you have to brave enough to let you lover go if you think they bring sadness than happiness to your life.

Okay that’s all I wanna write now. I wil come back even more. Thank you for reading until the end. Keep on wondeirng with me~

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